A Community Conversation on Natural Gas

Over the past few months, the Marcellus Shale Coalition asked Pennsylvanians their questions about natural gas development.
This website will answer those questions straightforwardly and honestly.

Q: Why isn’t it being taxed?

Natural gas production in Pennsylvania is taxed. In fact, the natural gas industry pays every single tax that any other business operating in Pennsylvania pays, in addition to a newly enacted impact fee that has already generated $204 million in revenue. Since 2006, natural gas companies have paid more than $1.6 billion in state taxes, with $420 million of that coming in 2011 which represented a 77 percent increase from the year before. Additionally, in 2011, the state collected more than $200 million in personal income taxes from landowners who leased their natural gas rights for Marcellus shale natural gas development. For additional information and data on the economic impact of Marcellus development, click HERE.

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