A Community Conversation on Natural Gas

Over the past few months, the Marcellus Shale Coalition asked Pennsylvanians their questions about natural gas development.
This website will answer those questions straightforwardly and honestly.

Q: What happens if they drill on your property and you don’t want them to?

This is a good question, we are glad you asked it. There are two answers to this question. The first one is very plain and simple: if you do not want Marcellus Shale development to take place on your property, it won’t. As the landowner, you have complete control and authority on whether or not drilling will commence. Because, after all, it is your land. Although there are many benefits earned when leasing your land, there is no way that the industry would ever be able or willing to revoke your rights to say “no”. However, if the mineral rights beneath your property have been severed, meaning you own the surface and someone else owns the subsurface mineral rights, then there is a chance that development could take place on your property. You should consult the deed to your home or property to determine if you own both the surface and subsurface rights.

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